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Retro Magazine Publishes to the iPad with QuarkXPress

UK-based Global Digital Magazine Launches its First iPad App Made with QuarkXPress
London, UK - 8/18/2011 - Quark announced today the availability of Retro Magazine iPad app on the Apple Store. The app has been designed in QuarkXPress® and combines rich, interactive content covering all aspects of contemporary style with classic influence.
Retro Magazine iPad app makes the most of Retro Magazine’s distinctive design, standout imagery, and detailed copy, building on the digital publishing functionalities of QuarkXPress. Retro Magazine’s editorial team could easily apply and adjust interactive behaviors without writing any code or leaving QuarkXPress. They were able to synchronize content between print layouts, digital projects, and designs for different tablet orientations. They could also share color definitions, style sheets, and other resources between the different types of layouts.

Bruce Hudson, managing editor at Retro Magazine said, “Retro Magazine is about the influence retro and vintage has on today's lifestyle and its impact on future trends. Our readers care about design, style, and innovation so publishing Retro on the iPad was the ideal platform for us.
“We don’t have in-house developers or big budgets to blow on outsourcing the coding to programmers so without QuarkXPress we wouldn’t be able to offer our publication on the iPad. With QuarkXPress we could design Retro Magazine by ourselves and produce a quality independent publication that accentuates its edgy cutting-edge look and feel, from start to finish.”

Gavin Drake, vice president of marketing at Quark, said, “For creative professionals and independent publishers like Retro Magazine, App Studio™ for QuarkXPress 9 is the perfect tool to easily publish to the iPad. With QuarkXPress 9 designers can go digital without having to learn a different software for each platform, nor do they have to learn to write code. Creative professionals retain control of their designs throughout the digital publishing process.”
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